Little Japanese Corner was born out of Christine’s love for crane games and needed to sell the prizes before they drown her.

Now, she sources all the best and newest anime figures, plush and merch from Japan and brings it over to the UK for fellow lovers of the best of the Japanese otaku culture!

Favourite anime: Sailor Moon

Favourite food: Sashimi & uni

Likes: Dancing, arts & crafts, good food and good friends

Dislikes: Balloons about to pop


Owner Christine


Web Designer

This amazing website was created by Kieron. He is always looking for his next project so do contact him if you wish to commission him!

Favourite anime: Dragon Ball

Favourite food: Takoyaki

Likes: Gaming, watching films, fixing things

Dislikes: Vegetables


Our mascot Sumi and art has been created by the talented artist Bubblegumiiarts.

If you like her work, please contact her via twitter.

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